Monday, June 9, 2014

tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock

Work continues on the still lifes...
more objects - tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
In the algorithm-ic spirit, this week I
1) finished the object
2) cut them out
3) decided which objects go together
4) determined the final scale (16 x 20" )
5) ordered frames
6) arranged compositions

and after arranging, and re-arranging, and re-re-arranging, the finalists...

Still to come:
1) decide background colors (I'm thinking green, blue, and umber)
2) paint the backgrounds
3) glue down objects
4) add shadows and reflected lights
5) varnish

That list is getting kind of long, so that will be the end of "stage 1"

stage 2:
1) mount to panel
2) frame
3) photograph
4) fill out paperwork
5) deliver

I also would like to add some more insect life once the compositions are set and, fortunately, I found plenty of models at the nearby park:

To get things mostly done by this Thursday is going to be "challenging." Happily, because of the algorithm, the part that concerns me the most (making the objects as well as I can right now) is nearing completion. However, I'm starting to get tired, and I don't want to make any careless mistakes (the gluing and varnishing in particular need a lot of precision - :o .)

I know I'm running out of time, but I can't help walking around outside while the weather is nice. 
Some of what I saw this week - wouldn't have wanted to miss it!
It's funny - everywhere I go, I see still life stuff - this glass skull was on one of my usual walking routes this week.
William Morris: Skull and Bones 8, Glass sculpture (six parts), 1989. Photo by Stair Gallery
It came out of the display window on the weekend...and was replaced with the floral still life painting on the left (ha!). Then, I saw the flower arrangement on the right at an opening at the Plum-Bronson House

I really enjoyed the show, Three Artist at the Dr. Oliver Bronson House, hosted by Historic Hudson, featuring Valerie Hammond, Kiki Smith, and Seton Smith.

Some of my pictures of the show:

Artwork depicted by Valerie Hammond (bottom row, center) and Kiki Smith (top right, bottom left, bottom right)


Thanks goes to my lovely friend Melissa for bringing me to the show and introducing me to the artists(!!) I was so art-happy that I got a little overwhelmed, and I may have come across as "a little spacey," trying to take in the complex space with new to me artwork, and do, if not a good job, at least not a very bad job, saying hello to people (and also not trip or drop anything) while my mind was saturated with still life-ness (eep.) Having left my camera in the charger (see previous comment ;)), I went back the next day to photograph - for those near Hudson, it's not too late to see this! It will be open again next Saturday and Sunday (more information here).

Now - about those backgrounds... :P