Monday, September 1, 2014

Farewell to Summer

On the one hand, listing "things I did last week" without much constructive commentary is kind of lame (sorry!); on the other hand, while it was an exciting week, my energy tank is empty, so a list it is (ah, would that I were more/better/more).

1) Moved toward finalized pieces:

using the new round paper and marbling techniques! and new oak leaf block
the leaf placement is not final - still working on that ;) ), but I love the way it looks like there are ripples extending out from the squirrel.
glued down and done, done

tried white printed flowers with white ink and color pencil here (also glued down and done, done :) 

still figuring out the bird placement (which will affect the feet - I may have to carve new/different bird feet).
 I made this paper just for this piece, and it includes the blue, gray, and gold tones of the objects and
I think will help the transition from the objects to the wall.
 2) Experimented with different techniques to make the most of pieces I have:
using a traditional material for the zodiac - gouache and ink
sharpened/ cleaned up the edges of this mini-block with the new, finer tools
I love, love my brand new Akua gold ink!
trying printing on different color papers 

a drawn original on the right and print, gold ink on green paper on the left -
getting closer :)
I drew on and individualized all the parrots
 (yes, all 12 of them - oy!)
added magnetic strips to the studio
walls so I can see all the
"parts waiting for homes"
(and feel slightly guilty/motivated)
 3) carved new blocks and learned 2 new techniques - Japanese and European paper marbling:

carved this full block, 9 x 12"
(possibly the most annoying block I've carved
so far)
not sure the zoomed out view does it justice
(in all its irritating/beautiful extraneous intricacy)

a new flower (and new white ink) -
these are from the same block -
getting more strategic and "building in" ways to adapt the
prints to give a variety of results ;)
this weeks new blocks -
branches, oak leaves and acorns, flower, (recarved) ants

the stars aligned for me to learn paper marbling!
Fantastic workshop at Publication Studio Hudson
4) prepared for new work next week

drew on, cut out the portrait head
after photographing dozens of trees all over town
(and no doubt looking like a flora-paparazza - zooming in on the bark, touching the trunks)
I found the one that matches as closely as possible with my ideal
(this block will coordinate with the branch block to
hopefully provide a home for all those parrots)
5) Museum/ gallery visits

I went to the Morgan Library and the Met (heart - pitter patter, pitter patter) where I got to see exhibitions on manuscript miniatures (including a zodiac!) Japanese wood block, Italian Renaissance drawing, and contemporary photography. 
some things that caught my attention from the permanent collections:
 Medieval zodiac ivory game piece, Roman gold glass, Dutch mother of pearl floral still life inlay, and more trees in giant pots in the courtyard:

Not only was I the strange person photographing trees on the streets of Hudson
(and in the museum) this week, I also got to be the weirdo photographing
just the frames all over the Met (a selection of some favorites)
I went to Double Bubble  opening at Press in North Adams, MA
featuring regional printmakers (! exciting and inspiring to see the fantastic prints
being created here and now!)
enjoyed art locally at Basilica Hudson,
a screening of recent films by Jodie Mack; an installation  (pictured - whale vertebra from
 "Bump" by Dan DenDanto and Frank DenDanto III) 
Also enjoyed great shows - Crazy in the Head , work by Pauline Decarmo at 
Gallery @ 46 Green Street and Three Artist Retrospective, work by Andrew Chan, Dallas Owens, and Zach Zeeger at Concepto Hudson

6) Para-art - applications submitted (1), gallery follow up (1), and gardening ( - visual plant research ;))
My sunflowers bloomed! (I had to cut this one because it was too heavy for the stalk)
I think this is so funny - like the little one is looking at the sunflower  thinking
"I want to be like you when I grow up" :)
Saw this at the Met last Sunday  - love.
Trying to wring every last drop of life out of summer before "the dark seasons" arrive.