Monday, October 13, 2014

phase 5 - Happy News!

Exciting News: This week my piece Nocturne #1 received the Medal of Honor in mixed media and the Walinska Memorial Award  from the National Association of Women Artists (:)!!)

It's an actual medal! :)

Rock, Paper, Scissor opening at Greene County Council of the Arts
with two of my collages :)

Coincidence? - I saw this digital reprint of
Audubon's Snowy Owls this week -
I don't remember having seen this
before, but the similarity is a little creepy

In addition to the two openings, lots of new work:

putting the new train to good use :)
Also preparing a proposal/portfolio for a submission this week and printed these blocks in gray, heightened with black, white, and metallic ink, and collaged onto new marbled paper:

I wanted to see if I could use the blocks in other ways, so I tried these 'ghost' monotypes by pressing the block into white ink on plexiglass plate and printing them on black paper so that the image comes from pulling ink off the plate: 

More animals:

In para art news:
last harvest of flowers and veggies from the garden
my last rose of the season