Monday, October 6, 2014

phase 5 - have the fortitude to try again (and again, and again...)

 I especially like this one :). New block, new collage, 12 x 12" 
So...when I said I was going to cut back on carving blocks to work with the blocks and pieces I already have, I wasn't exactly lying (...what can I say? Self-deception is a powerful thing :P ). I did work with the parts I have - but also carved 6 new blocks (And I wonder why I can't seem to find my way out of the Forest of And, And, And?)

New blocks this week
Some of them are pretty tiny,
(and I'm pretty dirty, but  no worries; it's non-toxic, washable
 marker that I rub on the surface of the block
to see the marks better.)

with the quarter in the upper left for scale -
I can't wait to use my new miniature train!
This may look familiar - it's the inverse of a
 block from last winter, which, while beautiful,
  cracked and is unlikely to survive a run through a press ( :( )
 - Trying again! But this time with a more flexible block.  :) 

The new blocks were made for these lovely new collages (!) 

I've been getting a little overwhelmed (maybe it's being surrounded by fragments floor to ceiling?) I decided that the best way to confront this issue is by using the pieces up as quickly as possible. I set a few of the variables so that I'm not dealing with too many factors at once. The format is squares (and circles, later) and the backgrounds are gray marbled paper (which I made more of this week - I heart paper marbling!) 

The results: 6" (x3), 8" (x2) and 12" (1). They're displayed on the new magnetic white board (which keeps them out of paws reach - two thumbs up!) I think they're starting to look like a story board - Fun Times!

proud that I painted the frames to match and used a gray mat so that they coordinate :)

In addition to carving and making new things, I matted and framed these two pieces and delivered them to the Greene County Council on the Arts Gallery for the Rock, Paper, Scissor show, opening this week.

Mini approves :)
In para-art news, there was some studio organization. Since my walls are pretty full, the doors have started looking like good spots for storage and organization. I added a peg board so that I can see and locate my tools easily and put the "thing I like" list on the other side.

Thinking more about how the ability to switch back and forth between modes of thinking is a useful art trait, I decided that it's time for a new list! At first, I thought it would be a "things I hate" list, but then - do I really hate any art technique that will give me a result? (No.) So, I decided to call it the "I prefer not to" list (Thanks Bartleby ;) ). It's things that I'd like to avoid/minimize as much as possible (but will do as needed.)

So far, the new list  includes:
adhesive, heavy/unwieldy, and
 custom/$$ framing and/or transport. 

Working on the collages and blocks led to a lot of time inside focusing on a small area, so when I wasn't working, I tried to spend as much time as possible outside (gotta preserve the depth perception!)

no color adjustment to this photo :o !
It's Pink (!) - expecting the Lorax to walk by any minute 

High Falls 

Greenport ConservationArea