Sunday, December 7, 2014

Relief Print Raptor

While I care for all my blocks like house plants, I'm not gonna lie, I really really like this one (which is actually 3- more on that below)! I think it may be the best relief print I've made so far.*
[*also partial to the squirrel ;).]

"giant" new relief print collage on gray paper, 22 x 15" 
[possibly excess technical nitty gritty:] issue that's come up in making the blocks is that as I carve, I obliterate the guide drawing. Sometimes (like with the hand from last week), that's a bummer. While I was drawing the polyester plate raptor a two weeks ago, I got to thinking how drawing on the polyester plate is almost the same as making the guide drawing on the block  - same medium (ball point pen) and similar level of detail.

I had an idea - what if instead of making the guide drawing directly on the block, I drew on the polyester plate and printed onto the block? It's the same amount of drawing, but because the pen work is on its own plate, it doesn't get carved away and can be printed on its own too (Captain Obvious saves the day again!) It has the added benefit that when using multiple blocks for a single thing (which I'm just starting to do, like with the big fish), printing the same drawing on multiple blocks ensures that they fit together perfectly (like puzzle pieces).

Because I suspect that this explanation may be confusing/boring (and not very pretty besides) -pictures!

 Step 1
start by drawing with sharpie and ball point on polyester plate

Side step - bonus!
print polyester plate on paper

Step 2
print polyester plate on blocks (and draw division lines - here, in blue)

Step 3
carve (no way around that ;) )
carved blocks

Step 4 - proof

proofs of each section
Step 5
cut out and assemble
I spent a lot of time this week on the floor carving (when I close my eyes, I see feathers), so I undertook cleaning/organizing project when I needed a break. I've been starting to feel overwhelmed - like there are blocks and paper everywhere, so I'm trying to set up my space better.

wall cabinet for ink, peg boards for
tools and brayers
I made this paper rack with boards, cup
hooks and dowels
cost - less that 2 fancy
 cups of coffee  (thumbs up!)

Sorted paper into scrap booking bags
(maps, cut scraps, uncut scraps,
printed things, etc)
then used those rings that hold up
curtains to clip the bag and
 hang over peg
less than a cup of coffee

using the walls for storage/organization 

Cleaning and organizing inside made me feel a little better and also, even though it was cold, I tried to get outside

with discrete patches of purple and red
(Lorax forest moment)
weird complementary color experience -  the ground is
red instead of  green
I try to see the color, but mostly, it feels pretty bleak to me
(at least it's a bleak that can be captured with marbelized paper? ;) )

Saturday was the opening of "Art and Politics" at 46 Green Street in Hudson - I enjoyed the show and a lovely opening - the parrots are lookin' good :) 

 In non-art kitty update - I put up and decorated the "kitty toy tree," and am therefor a popular human (or at least, I think I would be if attention could be redirected away from the tree ;) )

Feline Assistant 1, aka Sunny,
aka my elegant Princess
20 minutes later...Feline Assistant 2, aka Mini,
Aka Junior

apparently, guarding the tree is exhausting
(I feel you :) )