Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Big Fish!

 Big Fish! I love the giant goldfish :)
glub glub

Throw back - me messing with
the original gold fish print last February
My how it's grown - me messing around with the big fish this morning 

This weekend as soon as I delivered all the art works, I headed straight out of town to visit my aunt (Hi Aunt Helen!).

I had a wonderful weekend and spent the entire day Saturday not making any art. Instead, I slept late, then we had a delicious lunch, looked at ducks, and then Aunt Helen drove while I took pictures out the car window (she is a very patient lady and knows I'm a weird one ;)).

How did the duck cross the road?

There was snow (eep.)

I stopped at Zea Mays on my way home to see the print fair and pick up my work (only to get home and realize that I left a piece - doh! I may be more tired than I realize.)                                                                                                               

And to be securely filed under "ways I know I'm a little crazy sometimes," as soon as I got home, I started cleaning up (my studio was in full chaotic-use mode from the past few weeks - I took a picture, but decided it's too shameful to post :o  ). I was still pretty tired and was just going to clean a little, and I did... but, I also cut out and put together the big fish Sunday night. Then, I got up and decided that it was good, but the boats were going the wrong direction (self #1 to self #2: I hate you.)  
with the wrong direction boats and the tail needing
some re-positioning
Lookin' nice
I didn't have a boat going the opposite direction in this size, so Monday morning, I carved a new boat (whoa wist me, haha), and I have to say, I do really love the big gold fish now (self #1 to self #2: Ok, fine, you were right, and I was wrong.) Also the pink parrots were under weights flattening while I was gone, and I framed them - they're the same size as the big fish (30 x 20"), and I'm hoping to add a third piece by Friday so I can send them in as a set for a submission deadline (no pressure, haha.)

I'm in the middle of some not very visually interesting but necessary organizational things. I finally made files for all my printouts (I've been meaning to do this, but wasn't sure how to start until it occurred to me that I could take the categories straight from the "things I like list." (doh.)). 

Likewise, I've been running into some issues with having blocks everywhere and trying to figure out how to store them. In a similar forehead slapping moment, I realized I could use doublestick tape to put them on acid free chipboard then put them in scrapbooking sleeves. Next time I go to the grocery store, I can pick up a 3 ring binder for them and then 50 blocks will be flat, protected, visible, easily removable, and organized by function (transportation, architectural ornaments, etc.). And it will take up about as much space as a textbook. Why this didn't occur to me months ago, I do no know (Captain Obvious, you're my hero.) O my.