Friday, November 14, 2014

Bonus! Bunny and Helicopter

I got it done in time for my submission and just hit 'send' !

30 x 20" (for now I'm calling it 'Bunny with helicopter')
A plane was almost but not quite right for this, so I carved this fun new helicopter

the rose bush is from the polyester plate I printed 2 weeks ago.
Some of the flowers didn't turn out in the original prints, so I decided to
try something new - I marbelized the print (in the bath tub again) and made
the roses by cutting out and layering a block print and collaging it on top (thumbs up :)) 

Once the bath tub is a total mess, there's no reason to stop there (at least that's what I tell myself ;) ); so, I marbelized more paper for the background and to use next week testing out a new paint.