Monday, November 17, 2014

Phase 5 - Again, again, again...

I know, in my enthusiasm, I just posted the "Bunny and Helicopter" on Friday, but it's been a busy weekend, so going ahead with the Monday post as usual :)
Not quite done - still a little gluing left and work around the birds feet, but I made this over the weekend, trying a new technique on the same rose print in Bunny. Usually, I cut things out, but on this one, I tried to do the opposite by marbelizing the paper and painted it in by adding (unbleached titanium) white to the area around the plant. I like that it setts off the plant, but is transparent enough that there is still some continuity between the plant and the background.
a new little snail block - so cute :)

pictured at an angle so that the web, drawn in silver, shows u p for the camera
 There was a collage party for the closing of Rock, Paper, Scissor. I had a fun time and made two little collages on origami paper

Most of the weekend was devoted to drawing on polyester plates - On Tuesday, I'm headed to Zea Mays to try printing polyester plates on my own for the first time (fingers crossed - wish me luck :))

I had ambitions to try something "really big," - then I started drawing, and, it's amazing how within 24 hours, this 12" plate started to feel  "gigantic-enough for the first go round" hahaha  

Not sure this will be ready in time, but I couldn't quite let go of the idea of "big" (- Him who strives, we save ;) )
and, yes, that is a paw holding down the upper corner of the drawing board for me - what would I do without
my feline assistants :) 
New mascot creature from my last visit to Northampton. (birds, birds, birds)