Saturday, November 8, 2014

phase 5 - trying again, again, again

This week was a busy one refining, finishing, and preparing pieces for delivery. On Friday, I delivered 29 pieces - and then realized they're all from the last month - (Ha! No wonder I'm tired!)

Framing creature features, and preparing panels, flattening, mounting, varnishing, trimming (with a heated exacto blade - hard core!), reflattening (just to be sure), then packing, delivering The Magical Land of No.

I marbelized more paper, cut out, glued, and drew on the raven, then flattened and packed them along with the parrots and songbirds :)

All ready for Print Fair North!
 Also, moving forward on the big fish

I wonder if my feline assistants knew I was working on a giant goldfish -
 they were extra especially helpful.
Finished the tail and started proofing (phase 5!)

wrong color paper 
wrong weight paper
wrong color ink
right paper, right ink...but needs more marbling

ta da! Got it (or so I think, at the moment...hmmm) :) 
Now for its environment... I had to search to find a tray big enough to marbelize larger sheets of paper (also known as the bathtub) and a large magnetized drying space (also known as the fridge) ;) 

I keep thinking each bouquet is the season's  last

Sunny with sunny flowers from the yard

under the net of bare branches
An eerie quality to the light  - a tiny fragment of rainbow