Monday, January 26, 2015

Phase 6 - each art-thing is a responsibility, update

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm - please be careful - it's a mad, mad, mad world out there!

Since Thursday - it's been crunch-time here in artlandia. I'm honored to be included in this year's invitational Ten Spot Show at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts in Pittsfield, MA Feb. 6 - 28th. And, and, and - Very Exciting!! - one of my pieces is featured on a billboard as part of the promotional materials for the show (!!!).

Getting ready - I framed the pieces for the show and am getting them prepared for delivery - think they're lookin' good (thumbs up!)

Next, I've been working like a maniac to get that last piece ready to photograph for 2 fellowship applications due the 31st, and also trying to stay on top of the other aspects of the applications.

It's been an interesting few days - Let me explain.

I have 10 pieces of work. I can put together a portfolio, and part of me  (we'll call this part Self #1) is ready to put a stamp on it and be done with it, but another part (let's call this one Self #2) thinks that a portfolio is not the same as the portfolio.

In the form of a dramatic re-enactment, the past 4 days:

Self #1: Is one more piece really going to make or break this application?
Self #2: Yes. It has to have one more piece. Just one more to pull it together into a beautiful, ambitious series that make a complete narrative cycle...
Self #1[sigh] Fine.

Self #1: Great, so we have a million blocks, let's make one more piece.
Self #2: We need new ones.
Self #1: You're kidding, right?
Self #2: [Innocent expression - who me?]
Self #1: Okkkkk, but we're kind of pressed for time here, nothing too complicated, ok?
Self #2: [Innocent expression - who me?]

(Blocks created Friday...)

Self #1: Great, now we have a hand and an hourglass, that's really helpful; let's print these and put it all together...
Self #2: Yellow glove.
Self #1: [confused] Yellow won't work with our background paper - we agreed on the background already.
Self #2: sunshine, canary, caution tape...
Self #1: Doesn't red make more sense symbolically?
Self #2: buttercups, sunflowers, bulldozers...
Self #1: Or blue would work with the rest of the composition.
Self #2: canaries, lemons, rubber ducky...
Self #1: Seriously?
Self #2: [nods] Yes, yes - yellooooow!
Self #1: [frowns] That can't be right.
Self #2: [innocently] Ask Google?
Self #1: ...Yellow gloves - historically worn for hunting and blood sport...
Self #2: [hums and pretends not to gloat]
Self #1:   ______.

Self #1: Ok, we have all the parts, lets put it together now...
Self #2: But where's the crown?
Self #1: ?
Self #2: [Rolls eyes] You know - the crown!
Self #1: Yes, we do have a lovely crown block, I'll go get it...
Self #2: No, no, we need a different one.
Self #1: [expressionless] It's 7 am Saturday morning.
Self #2: We already used the other one, and besides, it's Death's crown, it has to be poppies.
Self #1: No.
Self #2: Yes.
Self #1: No.
Self #2: Pleeeeeeeeease!
Self #1: And where are we supposed to get a crown of poppies now?
Self #2: We'll design it - it's going to be fantastic! [claps hands and bounces]
Self #1: I don't think we have time for that...maybe if we could find a picture of one...
Self #2: [sad puppy expression]
Self #1: Or, what if we modified an existing design?
Self #2: [teary eyed sad puppy expression]
Self #1: [frustration:] Do you have any idea how much time it will take to make a design from scratch, draw it, scan it, digitally prepare the file for transfer, transfer it to a block, fill in the design on the block, then carve it? No. Just No.
Self #2: [teary eyed sad puppy expression]
Self #1: I'm putting my foot down
Self #2: [teary eyed sad puppy expression]
Self #1: I hate you.

(Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

Self #1: Ok, it is kind of pretty.
Self #2: [Big Smile]
Still in process (waiting for the pieces to dry a little more before trimming the excess paper, gluing things down and drawing in the seems), but fingers crossed! It might, might be ready to photograph in time...
Wish me luck!

* Update 1/27/15: