Monday, June 22, 2015

listening pause

And then there were two...

 I tried something new with the attachment. (Actually, I tried a few things...but this was the only one that made it to blog time ;) ).

I tried paper, but it's unwieldy, fragile, and I won't even start on the adhesive issue...finally, I just decided "no" (get it - it's part of the "Magical Land of No" series - haha!)

I tried this instead - it's pet screen - it's just rigid enough. I decided that instead of trying to hide it, I'd try incorporating it into the design.

So, I put fabric over a piece of foamcore, then painted the pet screen, printed on top of it, and layered it over the fabric.

and around the head. I also left the treads sewing the head
to the screen and incorporated them as whisps of hair
I had to fill in any negative spaces with
trompe l'oiel, like the spaces between the

and the holes between the bones

incorporating the thread into the design and the brads in the hands and feet go through the screen

But it wasn't all weeping angels - also made this piece for Dad :)

no color adjustment
- they really look like that :o

Lots of rainbows this week