Monday, June 15, 2015

a pause for listening

all sewn together :)

I photographed this, but it didn't capture the way it moves - it's like a mobile in the sense that the feet swing back and forth and the wings flutter. So, I decided to try for a blog first and took a video of it:

Now that it's been revealed in all it's kinetic beauty, more about the process getting there this week:

First I carved a new block for the heart, and I think it may be the best heart block yet :)


for comparison - left with added drawing on top. right without

Then I drew on the skeleton with white and grey color pencils.

Next, I sewed the parts together and used  brads to attach the hands an feet.
I like the way the threads from the heart make a fuzzy transition from one element to another

Having lots (and lots) of time to think about this piece while sewing the paper, I got to thinking about older work going back to mid 2013late 2013 , early 2014. I think I've gotten better with the carving and at integrating the different elements...


...still, there's much work left to be done. Now that I've built one, I want to build more (my own personal flock of weeping angels.) So, I marbled lots of paper. Then I printed the wing elements, added a layer of white spray gesso and ink and color pencil

wings, wings, everywhere

 In addition I went to the opening of Vermont Studio Center Showcase at Studio Place Arts in Barre. VT and got to see commedia dell'arte installed together for the first time (thumbs up!)

I had a wonderful time catching up with friends, meeting people, and hanging out with Aunt Helen :).

Aunt Helen beside a stunning installation by Katharena Rentumis
Me, kicking back in a marble recliner

 In addition to the opening in Vermont, one of my pieces, Neon Parrot from the Magical Land of No series is part of the Small Works exhibition at the Woodstock Artists Association & Museum  which opened Saturday.

This piece has also been on my mind because it was the one where I first started combining different color prints of the same block (like I'm doing now with the wings).

In para-art news:
Is this not the most beautiful apple you've ever seen?
I love apples (and even got to talk about the
sonorous joy of eating apples on
Science Friday on NPR, haha)
but I really think this year's Ida Reds are
extra- spectacular!
(This one from Samascott Orchards)

My elegant princess had not been feeling her best, but after
a trip to the vet and some medicine adjustments, she is
doing much better
(whew! Happy kitty = happy cat lady in training)
The chipmunks at Aunt Helen's house are so tame that I was
able to get a pretty clear photo!
(I've been trying for a while, but the ones from the
conservation area show chipmunk shaped blurs
zipping across the frame)

and there were fireworks

and flowers, lots and lots of flowers :)