Sunday, July 19, 2015

more adventures in printmaking :)

A busy week of printmaking! I'm learning so (so, so!) much and working hard to integrate it.

A visual breakdown of this week's art adventures:
Process: Baldwin Ink Ground - soft ground with textures pressed in (tarlatan for the grass and tin foil for the mountains)
baked to a hard ground, added the horse
then aquatinted
horse masked out, then soy ground etched
 horse re-masked and re-aquatinted
4.5 x 6," Portland black ink on warm white hahnemuhle paper
Baldwin Ink Ground (hard ground)
selective burnishing
6 x 4.5," stiff black ink on hahnemuhle paper
original collage with linocuts from last September (12 x 12")

edited and transferred to copper plate

tried some selective inking

added an aquatint layer and selective burnishing,
4.5 x 6," Renaissance black ink on warm white hahnemuhle paper
more bunnies - studying up to make more linocuts and now,  maybe transfers too! :)