Sunday, November 15, 2015

Phase 8 - facilitate a good choice, continued (again)

A busy week in Artlandia...

First, I finished block 1 of the human-scale wing that I started last week (thumbs up!)
details, details, details (oy  - ;) )
It looks pretty much the same...but finished ;)
I laid out the blocks before I started carving, and I think it will take three 12 x 24" blocks and one 12 x 12" block (per wing, but I can't let myself think too much about the second wing, yet...). I started with this one because I think it's the most difficult - it has the finest feathers and it's the area that has the most curves in the underlying structure of the wing. (It's a challenge not to get too caught up in the surface detail and keep in mind the light/shadow and bone structure underneath).  

So, after I finished, I decided to go with the one "small" block next because it's probably the easiest (phase 8!).

Then, more printmaking fun :)!  Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, (where my work was in the Ten Spot show, last February, with the billboard :) ) is hosting a wreath auction to benefit the local food pantries, and I made these ornaments for the benefit (Dec 4th!)

Most of the blocks themselves aren't new (except the saddles), but I got to use them in a new way and test a theory: if I back the block first (here in gold); then cut them out, then sew through both layers, it makes them pretty strong, and I only had to cut and sew once (thumbs up!)

In other news, En Masse II opened at Thompson Giroux, and I think the show looks fantastic! Excited to be included and really enjoyed the variety of work (all that tiny-art-joy!)

 Last, I tried to put some thoughts on repeat into action and make something about it. Still working on this - it's a milagro, a votive representation of the body part for which one is asking for healing.