Monday, February 8, 2016

More bunnies

This week, I made another bunny :)
New bunny block - 9 x 12" printed above with charbonnel aqua wash ink on gray stonehenge paper. 
Especially proud of this one :)  I also started testing out some refinements and backgrounds:

I like these, but I feel like it needs a little something more...I carved some horns to see what they would look like as jackalopes. 

 I like the horns...but I really miss the wings, so I marbled some paper and...

 Speaking of wings, I also continued working on the large wings, adding two sections of feathers in the middle (they just keep growing ;) ) I've been thinking a lot about how I want to make the other wing. Until now I've been focused on matching the parts internally within a single wing, but now I'm also starting to think about matching them left wing to right. As I get closer to getting the parts to match, the standards keep going up - for example, I think for the new section (the yellow ones in the middle) the ink is "too black" - I'm still learning to differentiate the different types of black ink.

I could make the other wing right away by using polyester lithography plates exclusively, but since this wing is a hybrid of relief plates and polyester lithography plates, I think that the other wing should also be a hybrid of the same types of plates. Which means more carving...but, I got to thinking that I should carve blocks that are plates in this one - that way there is always a block thats an exact match and I'm only flipping it for the plate (it minimizes distortion because I'm not changing the scale or resolution, just the orientation.) But I think I might also need to recarve the top (blue) section, or at least part of it because its so critical (hmmmmmmm).

The other thing I got started on - I printed all my plant blocks and scanned them 

I started using the computer to make variants and put them together, for example
I haven't printed them yet though and I'm curious to see how it will turn out (stay tuned!)
Trying to give those bunnies an art-home.