Saturday, February 20, 2016

pictures amid paperwork

While it's always jumping in Artlandia, this week was largely dedicated to painful (but mandatory) paperwork (oy.) So while I don't have as many art-things to report as I might like (will try to make up for it next week O:) ) I did manage to squeeze in a little artwork amid spreadsheets...

I signed last week's edition of Fortuna (it's officially complete!) and took some close up shots (with the quarter for scale):

I also made some prints for friends. I tested out a mini block on the press, and I think it turned out nicely :) - one of my favorites of the tinies (sticking with the bunny theme).

I also re-printed the bunnies to see if there was a way of editioning them without collaging (hmmmmm - still thinking)

But I also tested out one with collage...

print of version 1, from two plates
In another experiment, I tried turning a photo of a collage into a polyester plate. This was challenging because the plate is 8.5 x 14" while the image is 12 x 12".  I used a digital techniques (recently learned in an an awesome online course - thumbs up!) to cut the image along a composition division; I then cut the plates and registered them like puzzle pieces...

version 2, plate of the lower half 
Some things worked - the seam is undetectable (even to me, and I know where it is - whoop!), but I still need to do some experimenting with preparing the digital image and the ink, press pressure, paper, etc... it's a start!
two versions of the plate for the lower portion 

Pause for a cute kitty moment: I gathered all the house plants together to water, feed and trim, and Jr. was in heaven - stalking toys through her house plant jungle and guarding this new sub-habitat within her domain.
That's one fierce kitty! Junior, Mistress of the House Plant Jungle