Monday, April 18, 2016

creatures - real and paper

The unicorn is starting to come together!

Junior continues to be an excellent helper - establishing scale 
and the gradient map (-evidence: it's not that my photos are 
dark, I really do always print on gray paper ;) ).
And, of course, we all
want to see how the
little Bear has grown this week :) !

Getting better at cutting and
registering the plates and hiding the seams! 

I drew into the neck and am starting to piece 
the parts together, and also printed the front legs:

I did a little tweaking to make them into
cloven hooves [thumbs up!]

And I printed the new feather block from last week
I also kept working on the 4 ft tree block...
Carving around the branches - oy.
I also added tracery into the upper corners
(as we can see, it took a few tries - as the 

saying goes - draw twice and carve once... ;) ).

But it wasn't all art-plants, I also made my annual visit to the
fancy nursery for black flowers and unusual/ pretty plants. [heart!]

Ok, and a few more pet pictures,
because I can't help myself ;)

Rocky, after a week - 
it's a hard life for a squeaky toy

Fortunately, my dear friend Tammy sent Honey a care
package that included a new also-favorite toy, so that her
human could sneak Rocky away and into the wash.
Honey knows who her human is and is doing well
 with the crate now (I put the cot away and
 put the crate in its place with same blankets).
One last pet picture, so that all 3 of my creatures
are included - it seems my elegant Princess
has forgiven me for bringing the little
Bear home, now that it has been
established that the new addition does not
encroach upon her customary sleeping spot
 (on her human's shoulder)
and that she continues to receive breakfast first
(ah, it's good to be queen :) ).