Monday, November 28, 2016


We have wings!

(Still working on  how best to photograph them.)
(Also, a second wall covered in cork boards...)

...which the wings, at about 82," exceed by about 4 inches ( - doh).
 I still have half a third wall to work with, and I predict that it also will quickly be put to use. 
work continues on the figure - almost there.
I started at the head, and this week,
I reached the boots. decided to attach
 the laces by just mimicking the way
an actual boot is laced (when in doubt,
build it like what it is ;) ).
 I just happened to be
wearing the boots that
were the models for
the prints, haha.

It's not as exciting to look at, but most of the work on this this week is only really visible on the back - I was glueing, ironing, sewing the parts together, then covering the seems by glueing and ironing a piece of thin but strong mulberry paper (I want to make extra, super, sure that the parts stay together even if one form of attachment fails).  
work continues on the tracery block...sloooooowly 

My feline assistants were both extremely helpful this week...(and now you know why I need walls covered in cork to get things pinned up on the wall whenever I'm not there to watch them.)

my Princess (aka Feline Assistant #1)
and her mini me. (aka Feline Assistant, Jr.) 

We also had "tree day," possibly the kitties
favorite day of the year (Good Human ;) )