Monday, November 14, 2016

Assembling the figure

 A busy week in Artlandia!  Continuing to assemble the parts of the figure:

It's slow going - I'm incorporating the stitching so that it either adds on to the contours (like the red stitches in the flower petals), or follows an existing path (for example, the stitches along the edges of the fingers).  Doing it this way, the sewing has to be done by hand, and I'm changing the thread frequently (oy.)  But it is coming together (slooooowly - dramatic sigh!) 

 - I think we have officially exceeded kitty-scale (!)
I also painted and marbled the first 2 rounds of paper and printed parts of the second wing.  I'm working my way up to doing full 22 x 30" sheets of marbling this week and trying to print the 18" MDF blocks (fingers crossed!) 

 The template from last week (polyester lithography plates from one of my small relief  prints, scanned and expanded) made it onto this 12 x 18" block. Chipping away at it (thumbs up!)

I also continued working with the scan of the songbirds and tried two them out in a digital collage. (I enjoy parts of this, but think it still needs just a little something more... [hmmmm]).

Longer term, my goal is to build up to a body of work made up of square digital collages (adding to the 3 that are on exhibition, opening this week at Thompson Giroux Gallery); Installed as set of consistent material, size, and framing, but with a flexible number and arrangement, they could be viewed independently or in conjunction with a large installation piece. They would act like stills from the universe of the installation, and, being edition-able, I could have more than one print of each [ - steeples fingers].

So...I've been wondering - how many would I need (minimum) to make up a good set?  Honestly, I have no idea - 12? If I have (almost) 4, and made 2 a month...[hmmmmm]...