Monday, October 10, 2016

and still more feathers...

A busy week in Artlandia! 

First, I framed the new digital collages for an upcoming exhibition, En Masse III at Thompson Giroux Gallery, Nov. 16 - Jan. 8 (I really enjoy these and think they make a nice set - thumbs up!)

loving these 12 x 12" digital collages :)

and the raptor - 20 x 26" 

I'm excited about the current and upcoming exhibitions, and also continuing work on the second wing.  To start off a new season, early in the week, I sharpened, polished, and re-color coded all my tools.  Then, put them to use.  I'm just about to finish the second of the 4 blocks (whew!)
second of 4 blocks - almost there!
detail - the stripes are extra challenging, but so worth it O:) 
print block to block

I'm always hesitant to say it's going better than expected (because that seems like tempting fate), but it is definitely moving (carving, carving, carving...) I also printed the last two parts onto the same transparent blocks that the originals are carved from. I had two medium sized blocks awaiting prints, so it seemed like a good idea to keep the block material the same when it was possible to do so. It seemed like a good idea, and the prints look clear enough to work from...but the ink isn't drying on the block (doh.)  I'm going to give it until I finish carving block 2, but if they don't dry by that time, I'll either wipe them off and try a different ink or print them onto MDF.

With the second wing, some things have gotten easier and some things have gotten harder the second go round.  Having the first wing to print as a template is helping these go much (much) faster, and working with the MDF is helpful because it's readily available and economic. One of the challenging things is staying very engaged with every mark.  One of the things I like about these is the way every mark is unique and individual, trying to see every mark as special and particular is even more of a challenge the second go round.

It helps taking creature breaks. Speaking of the creatures...I mentioned last week that I got a second carving pillow because my Princess loved the first one so much...well, now both carving pillows have now been claimed by my feline assistants, (and my mom totally called this -  "Oh, you're getting a new pillow? You're probably going to need 3 - one for you and two for the kitties." - indeed.) I love having them next to me purring and/or having kitty dreams all the time though, so totally worth it.  

and the pup has her own blankets
O, look, two carving pillows, and two kitties - perfect

I also left the studio for some short art adventures. Checking out art in the shop windows - I especially like the carving on this chair and this bird collage. I also went to an opening at Art Omi and got to see an awesome new zoetrope, "Active Turn: The Devil's Wheel," a collaboration between Freya Powell and Kahn & Selesnick.  (I admit, I sort of have a thing for zoetropes and any kind of pre-film sequential art that can turn stills into animation while maintaining the integrity of the still (like how with a Muybridge sequence - any image can be removed and stand on it's own.)) This has been on my mind a lot recently as I've been thinking about ways to expand my digital work into animation [hmmmmmmm - still thinking, thinking, thinking...]  There was also this awesome piece, "Squirrel Gang" by Charley Friedman that made me smile.

 "Squirrel Gang" by Charley Friedman 
at Art Omi
Finally, wrapping things up in the garden.  Now, every bouquet, I wonder if it's the last of the season.