Monday, October 24, 2016

and still more (more) feathers...

And still more feathers...
block with powder
In my wild fantasy, I was going to finish the 4th and final wing block this week. (No.) Still, I got close...I held off on doing this block until the end, because it's the most complex and difficult (dramatic sigh.)  I kid, but while I did do some para-art stuff, cleaning and organizing the studio and attended a lecture about Golden Paints, mostly I focused on the last wing block because I have a feeling like if I don't get this done soon, the whole thing will languish.  

With the tips of my shoes on the left for scale.
My creatures were good helpers, keeping me company and going on breaks. Looking at my little bear this week, I thought it's about time for another puppy timeline: Honey at 7.5 weeks, Honey at about 4 months, Honey at about 8 months. I can't believe that 6 months ago, I could carry her in my arms - she's grown so fast! My beautiful pup :).
Honey at 7.5 weeks
Honey at about 4 months
Honey at about 8 months

Always a good time for (Princess)
kitty in a box 

 The human loves all the creatures -
Junior is changing into her winter coat
and her belly fluff is extra soft. 

Enjoying the last blooms of the year - it won't be long until winter. I have a few ideas of what art-direction I'd like to go in next, but I'm letting them percolate as I try to finish the wings (carving, carving, carving...).