Monday, October 3, 2016

continuing those feathers

 Work on the feathers continues - block #1 - complete :) .  The first life scale wing is 7 blocks, and the second wing looks like it will be 4.  I've printed 3 additional blocks onto a second large wing block and started carving.

Chipping away at these, cut by cut.

I also took two art field trips this week.  I've been wanting to see the special exhibition "Myth, Splendor, and Vision" at the Clark Institute of Art (*pro tip for those living within about a 2 hour radius - the museum has a great collaborative program with regional libraries where you can check out a pass from your local library to go to the museum for free - thumbs up). This show contained lots of art goodies on loan from the Prado Museum in Spain(!) I wasn't allowed to take photos, but they had a Bruegel on copper (one of my favorite things - his tiny animals are amazing). In fact, there was a room of the cabinet paintings (and all but one piece contained tiny expertly painted guinea pigs.  My life is richer for having seen these.) No photos in the special exhibition, but I also wanted to see a Reuben's "Fortuna" and there were lots of beautiful St. Sebastians. Overall - two thumbs up!

I also checked out the permanent collection. Scoping out the framing, the hands and feet. I'm trying to figure out how to build a larger scene and especially liked this example of landscape - I like how it's set up as bands of foliate patterns - look familiar?  

My second fieldtrip was to the Northampton Print and Book Fair where I got to see lots of stunning, non-toxic prints (pitter patter).

Creature Update:
My Princess loved the new carving pillow so much (see the photo from 2 weeks ago), and I just couldn't bear to make her move so that the human could have the pillow back every time I got up (yes, it's true, I'm whipped for my creatures o:) ), I went back to the store and got another similar pillow, thinking it was for me. My Princess had other ideas - she's decided that she prefers the new one to the older one that already has a puppy-chewn hole in it ("I'll take this one - you can have the other one, human"). That's one happy kitty.
Enjoying the late blooms.  I fed my flowers for what may be the last time for the season.