Monday, October 31, 2016

first proofs of the wing and snow!

 First proofs of the second wing!   I finished the 4th of 4 blocks for the second life-scale wing this week and started proofing the 2 smaller blocks.

Maybe I shouldn't admit to it, but I'm pretty surprised that the blocks are ready after 5 weeks of carving ( :o !)

...but while having the blocks is (big) step, it's not quiiiite the same as having them printed, assembled, and partaking in a meaningful artwork. They're fragments. (very nice fragments!), but still...miles to go  (eyes on the prize!)
Having cleared out room and mounted the cork boards to the wall two weeks ago,   I've gotten back to working on the life-scale figure.  The printing part has been done, but there's still work to be done attaching the pieces and adding dimensional/ found object elements - like this lovely faux-mother of pearl button shaped like tracery ( heart!) and the chain.

Admittedly, it doesn't look much different, but all the parts are now attached , so that's good O:) . 
In creature news - Honey saw her first snow!

"Human, what did you do?! (Can we go play now?)"
Hmmmmmm [sniff, sniff, sniff, pounce, sniff, sniff, pounce] 

This brave delphinium held on and
bloomed one last time after the snow.
I just thought this was funny - a mushroom sprouting
from a branch cavity up high