Monday, April 10, 2017

branch block and pup birthday

 True Story: So there was this time - that I carved a branch - then when I went to print it - I was like - wait, there's still so much space on the block - so I carved another branch - then when I went to print it - I was like - wait - there's still more space on the block - so then I carved some mushrooms.  (Alternate title: Sometime I Annoy Myself :p ) .  Haha - but the point of the story is that - I have a finished 18 x 24" block and I'm set to print.

I admit, I'm kind of excited to print the mushrooms (I may go ahead and carve a few more - I got kind of into it - maybe not surprising since mushrooms are one of the kind of random things that I like to photograph.)

Another thing I did this week was re-order my polyester lithography plates.  The ones I like come from Renaissance Graphics in lots of 100. This was my first time re-stocking - meaning that I've used 100 plates (more, since I also have some plates in another size.) Something that's both hard and easy for me to believe.  The mushrooms are perfect candidates to print, scan and put on a polyester plate in various sizes and arrangements, since they so often come in clusters.

I also got to use my new tools which was very fun.

Much less fun, but necessary - I continued sewing all the parts down in an older piece in preparation for framing (oy).

I also printed some plants for the pseudo-tapestry landscape (assuming that I'm going to figure out/finish the ground at some point...)

And in non-art news - we celebrated one year since Honey became a much-loved member of the creature family!

Here are photos from her first day home and one year later in almost the exact same spot.  What a huge difference a year makes!  She has grown soooo much but still has the same beautiful eyes and exuberant smile (and I think her paws may have stayed about the same size, haha). I didn't plan it, but there's a rope toy coming out of her basket in the background - she still loves them and we've been through quite a few this year (see photo, below).  Also, we changed to an outdoor carpet ;). Love for the Honeybear!

All the rope toy parts, that I decided to document - they were much-enjoyed,
but it was time to let them go. Honey, as we can see, was not so sure about this.
 (Don't worry - she got new, "extra-tough for aggressive chewers" rope toys to console her. ;) )