Monday, April 17, 2017

branches, mushrooms and rainbow

A busy week in Artlandia - printed the 18 x 24" branch and mushroom block (thumbs up!)

I also tried the mushrooms on marbled paper, and a print on white paper which I scanned, worked on on the computer and turned into a polyester lithography plate so that I can get more and various mushrooms per print. (I made the plate below, but have not yet printed it - trying to decide what colors and marble the right size paper for it).

I also did the framing for a diptych that's headed to a show at the Tremaine Gallery in Connecticut in May (thumbs up!)

And...I started something new. O:) It's pretty exciting, but newly started, so just a little taste:

In para-art news, spring has finally come to Hudson, and my flowers are starting to bloom and there was a beautiful rainbow this week

Last, but certainly not least, my Feline Assistants - both on the press (sharing?!?)  They're reinforcing good habits in their Human of rolling the press blankets and covering the bed after each use - what diligent Assistants ;) .