Monday, August 28, 2017


A new fox collage, well underway...
New collage in process - 30 x 36"

Hard at work this week on a new fox collage. (That random blue in the picture above is tape - it's getting close, but the parts aren't yet glued and sewn down.)  Mostly, I reprinted existing blocks for this.  Here's the press bed - me trying to get as many blocks as possible onto the paper.  Because the paper is specially prepared with paint to blend with the marbled background, I didn't want any waste).  I also printed additional animals (hummingbirds in lots of colors and a mouse - an oldie but a goodie). I won't end up using all of theses, but it gives me options.  

However, there's always that one part I need that I don't have a block for - in this case, it was the signature block.  The one I have was too big, so I carved a new one.  That one was still too big, so I carved another.  The first block had the text inverted (to print block to block), so ultimately, it took 3 blocks to get it right (doh - though it does look nice now.)  

Not surprisingly, the fox took up most of my time this week, but I also finished, flattened and photographed the second phoenix.

In para art news - I finally found a good replacement for my carving pillow  (link to a 2012 picture of the much-loved "grassy pillow" - which served faithfully for years until it became an early casualty of puppy-hood last year.) I'd tried replacing it - but those attempts weren't quite right and were quickly co-opted by the feline assistants.  I think I finally found a good replacement; it's big enough and the same fuzzy texture as the original...and within seconds, my Princess had snuggled into it, leaving no room for the human, haha.

A good picture to show the scale of the fox, with
both feline assistants in their customary spots.
We went back to the conservation area - and this time, Human brought a longer leash
(and a towel) - Good Human O:) . 

Recognize these from the fox collage?

Jr. "assisting" me in the garden - getting as close
as felinely possible to the window screen
to surveying my progress. 

Look how huge the late-season blackberries are! I also made an especially pretty batch of rainbow cookies for friends.