Monday, August 21, 2017


A very busy week in Artlandia - we have Phoenixes! (*such a funny word - it doesn't seem quite right to me, but Merriam-Websters confirms it).
new phoenix collage #1, 20 x 28"  
new phoenix collage #2, 22 x 28"

 Soooo, I printed the phoenix block at the end of February. Other things came up that needed to take priority; even so, it's been sad seeing the prints languishing for months without making it into a finished piece. Another thing is that initially, I was thinking that I'd marble all the paper in these myself.  After some consideration, I decided to marble the grey paper but buy the orange and use the lighter orange and black I had purchased and had left over from another project. That decision made, I marbled the grey paper, reprinted my tiny helicopter block,cut out the fire and phoenixes, added paint, and started assembling. Right now, I'm still in the process of sewing all the parts, but they've come a long way. With there being 2, I got to test out some slightly different proportion, color schemes and compositions, and it looks like they will be done in the next week. Now that the analogue pieces are well underway I also finally sent the digital collage that I prepared in May to the lab for a small photographic edition. Phoenixes, phoenixes everywhere.

Since I was marbling for the phoenix and had everything out, I went ahead and marbled 2 other big sheets - a 30 x 36" piece and a 36 x 50" piece (which is the largest sheet I've ever done. I dipped it 3 times and getting it on the line by myself was challenging because I needed both hands to hold the paper. I couldn't get the close pins open and hold the paper - it was kind of awful, but it's done!)

The 30 x 36" is already on it's way into a collage. The phoenix wasn't the only block whose subject hadn't made it into a finished piece yet.  I also have the fox, which is closing in on being a year old. I tried printing the landscape block on the bottom of the marbled sheet and added paint to the ground and sky. It looks almost ready for a fox.

some of the parts on the magnet board awaiting placement

Work continues on the pseudo-tapestry - this week I added the mushrooms and put the knot hole in the tree (to break up and distract from the seam between the parts).

with kitty paws
(and fluffy mane) for scale.
Work also continues on the drapery block.

I also made this as a gift for a friend's birthday 

 In non-art news, Honey continues to be determined that she really, reeeeally does belong on her human's bed. (Still no. I'd probably waiver, but the hissing and growling from my Princess reminds me that Honey and I would be overruled. Jr. abstains). We went on a human and wonder-pup expedition this week. Since Honey seems to really like the water, I was excited to take her on her first trip to a nearby conservation area where she could swim.  Honey had a great time, and she went all the way in (though next time I will bring a longer leash - I ended up with very, very wet boots and clothes. Worth it!). She was also a very good girl and let the human photograph.   

 It was also a banner week in the garden!