Monday, October 30, 2017

drapery block, opening, nature

We have a turret collage (as in all glued down and framed - 12 x 36" - thumbs up!)...of course, this was intended to be half of a diptych...

I also (finally!) finished and proofed the drapery block.  This is the first full sheet of gomuban (app. 12 x 16") that I've ever carved, and so while I was pretty sure it would have enough detail to scan the proof, blow it up and use it in sections as a template for a life-sized figure, I wasn't absolutely sure. I think there's enough detail to work with and I can almost picture it in life scale. 

 I also proofed the new bird block and framed it in a shadow bock with it's block. 

I went to the opening of "Loving Beauty More then Efficiency" at Scarlet Seven Gallery. I thought the work looked great!  I enjoyed meeting and seeing work by Niki Haynes, Jon Segan, and Audrie Sturman and honored to exhibit in such excellent company!

A very funny kitty story - my Princess is not really into sharing (royalty, you know :P), so I felt the need to document this rare instance of her allowing Jr. to sit on the carving pillow with her. (Naturally, the Human was relegated to sitting on the floor.)  I was surprised that she allowed this, and you can see in her eyes that it's not going to last long: "Is that your foot on me - Seriously?" Meanwhile Jr. is just about to role over and show her chin: "You know you love me!" (We do.) 

There were also plenty of adventures with Honey this week, and we got some good nature shots.