Monday, November 6, 2017

arch and swallows collage

A busy week in Artlandia! I made a new piece for a show at First Presbyterian Church in Albany. Because the room was Neo-Gothic, I wanted to bring some of my Gothic-inspired blocks...but not all of the prints had made their way into collages (yet!) 
This block of a Gothic arch, in particular, I had a really hard time printing it and then didn't end up using it the way I had initially thought.  So I thought it might be a good chance to try it out with some of the proofs from the swallows.  I used a sheet of paper I'd marbled for the ground and used Japanese origami and metallic paper for the windows.  

Here with my Princess assisting to establish scale
  It co-ordinates well with the Gothic turret and I thought the show came together really well with my collages and paintings by artist Tom McGill.

Look what nice companion pieces :) - my turret collage on the left and the elephant painted on fabric, "Psychedelic," by Tom McGill. 

A busy week with the new collage, show, writing a syllabus and materials list (fingers crossed/ hopefully, more about that later)...

And in creature news - Honey has a new coat :)! Look how cute she looks in it! I have to say that I'm proud to have measured correctly, ordered the right size, and put it on without any trouble - and she seem to like wearing it (whew!) (Or that may be the bully stick and chin scratch I gave her so that she'd associate putting her coat on with good things. She's a very smart pup, so I think it will only take a few times before she makes the connection: coat = walk; still, I was glad the first time of putting it on and wearing it went so well so that we're prepared for the time change this week and our last long walk of the day being in the dark.) 
Another funny Honey story.  I made a half small pizza and had it on the counter while the oven heated up.  I left the room for just a minute, and when I cam back... it was completely gone, and Honey was licking her muzzle clean. There was not a single shred of cheese or sauce or crust in site...though there were a few tomato, carrots and broccoli pieces (how exactly she managed to so efficiently eat around those, I do not know.) "Oh, those veggie and green bits? - you can keep those, Human." OOoooo Honey! 
Speaking of veggies - I got exactly one  (spectacular!)
 pepper from the garden this year
 And more nature shots!