Monday, November 27, 2017

new flatfile work!

new 20 x 16" collages (thumbs up!)
A very (very!) busy week in Artlandia.  This week was all about new work for the Zea Mays flatfile.  I made these 3 new 20 x 16" collages. It's hard for me to put in words right now all of the steps I went through this week to make these, but one thing I did was spray layers of aerosol gesso to get a sfumato effect.  I also sprayed gold and black (on the climbing squirrel one).  Spraying these (especially with the black) was pretty nerve-wracking, but I think they turned out well.  I like how the different marbling in the paper gives each on a distinct atmosphere.  I also added branches and printed slightly different sections of the tree block so that the tree turned out differently in each piece. 

It was a fun creature week as well.  For Thanksgiving, and I baked special pumpkin treats for Honey.  

I made pumpkin bread too. O:) 
Look at that face!  She was a very patient pup,
waiting for them to be ready.

The kitties don't seem to care for
pumpkin treats, but they appreciated
that I left the heated blanket on for them
(it was a holiday, afterall ;) ).

...and then it was time for the kitties' favorite
day of the year -
the day the human brings them their tree. 
...and fills it with kitty toys
and a nice soft blanket beneath.