Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Cloche, Birds, and lots of Snow

Happy Holidays! This week, an exciting new addition to the swallows project - I finally made the cloche element that the swallows will be orbiting.  It's a house made with wire, thread, and 3D doodled plastic. (Those are feathers inside - I started with what I had on hand and will be adding some longer ones. Due to a big snow, there hasn't been a good time to go feather shopping, haha.)

A very exciting picture here - this is my sophisitcated
storage and organization system for the wired
swallows so that the wires stay straight and untangled and
 the birds stay separated into their groups for each mobile.

As we can see - it meets with Feline Assistant
approval - in fact, I think the feathers may meet
with a little too much feline approval
(and it is now being stored in the one kitty-free
spacein the house). 

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I figured it was a holiday, so I'd do whatever I most wanted to do in the studio.  I carved two new birds - these are pretty small - I think about 4.5 inches tall. I carved the first one and then printed it on another block as a template to carve the mirror image.

 There was a big snow this week:

The member of our creature family who most enjoys snow is definitely Honey - she loves the new toy her grandma sent - it has fins so that it sits on top of the snow when we play snow-fetch. She also loves making pup snow angels - rolling on her back and scooting back and forth to make a blurred, Honey-sized imprint in the snow. I enjoy seeing how happy the snow makes my joyful pup, but I remain firmly in the kitty camp on this one -
Jr. watching the snow from the
heated blanket. 
my Princess in the exact
same spot, a few hours later

The kitties may not be huge fans of snow, but they like Christmas (or kitty-toy-tree season).

Guess who's Queen of the wrapping paper pile
Jr. "helping" with the ribbon
Other random marvels this week - I came across this turquoise poinsettia with rainbow glitter - oddly fascinating (I documented, but didn't bring it home due to its potential as a poison hazard to pets.) 

Last but not least, a beautiful, pre-snow landscape shot from earlier in the week. And on that note - wishing a safe and happy 2018 to all! :)