Tuesday, December 19, 2017

tiny trees

A very busy week in Artlandia! The latest digital print arrived in time to sign, package, and mail out for the holidays - thumbs up!
Latest digital print, 5 x 5" 
I also made a new block of trees based on resized and distorted versions of some of my other tree blocks - my thinking behind this is so that I have more options in terms of the depth of field in upcoming landscape pieces.  
What fortuitous timing - I got to study the trees in this Durer print up close and personal 
 I'm working on some other projects as well, but they're secret until after the holidays O:) . I've been a busy little elf.
In creature news - Jr. was a helper, doing a quality control check of every box before I packed it. Meanwhile, my Princess sat on the chest beside me and leaned her face out over the heating vent so that she looks like a model doing a photo shoot with a wind machine, haha.
They also took turns keeping the carving pillow warm while I worked on the tree block all week (and I felt the need to document this instance of peaceful sharing!) 

In pup news - Honey loves (Loves!) her new bed and seems (fingers crossed!) to have stopped chewing on/ tearing it.

My friend Tammy made me a 3D printed Pieta!  
Sunrise from my bedroom window - "tree research"