Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sunny - Much-Loved Feline Assistant

Sunny and my mom at the thesis show - the very first blog entry.
It's been a very sad few days in Artlandia.  Sunny, my Princess, Feline Assistant, Sr. died Saturday night after a long struggle with a chronic health condition that had recently taken a turn for the worse.

For the last 12 years - Sunny was my constant companion and helper in the studio.  She was there assisting from the very first blog entry to the launch of the most recent project.

She took her role as Feline Assistant, Sr. seriously. She was there with me from my first explorations into printmaking. She was there while I gradually acquired the tools of the trade and practiced, practiced, practiced, relief carving skills.

She sat next to me or sphinx-like on my back while I worked.

 She could frequently be found keeping the carving pillow warm, 

or guarding the blocks.

She was always ready to print - day or night...

...and then help keep the prints and collage parts in place

She was happy to pose with artwork to help provide a sense of scale.

...and was never caught napping on the job (ok, she was often found napping on the job - after all, she was a kitty.)  Sleeping many hours a day and keeping the human company for many hours at a time in the studio seemed to be enjoyably compatible activities for her.

Looking back at the photo of Sunny and Junior 2 weeks ago - now I wonder if my Princess allowing Junior to take the middle of the carving pillow (not typical) while she sat beside her, and Junior, ever-doting, gave Sunny a kiss on the head was Sunny's way of passing the studio assistant torch.
 She was my cuddly companion outside the studio too, and I want to end with these, because "kitty-toy-tree season" was her favorite time of year - from first Christmas to last and all the days in between, Sunny brought great joy to her human. She was a loving, loyal, and fabulous feline assistant and very, very loved by her human, little sister, and pup. Artlandia won't be the same without Sunny - she will be greatly missed.