Tuesday, June 5, 2018

love birds, drapery, flowers, and creatures

A busy week in Artlandia!  

This week saw both endings and beginnings - the first part of the week was dedicated to cleaning and rearranging the studio to make room for work returning from Tremaine Gallery.  The same day this show deinstalled, another exhibition in which I have a piece, the 6th Biennial Footprint International Exhibition 2018 opened at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, CT.  

Now that things are in order with the exhibitions, I was eager to get back into the studio and pick back up projects that had been on hold.  One of those involves the recent rose bush prints in gold on black that I printed in late April.  I want to include love birds and carved a new block. 
New 7" block of love birds on green paper
I didn't get it quite right the first go round - I thought they were too dark, so I went back and did some additional carving.
First state on left and second state on right.
I can't decide what color they should be...
I also want to print and collage the roses in a different color, so I marbled reds, pinks, and yellows in preparation.

I also kept working on the drapery for a full scale figure.
Work continues on this 48" tall block of the lower half of the figure - with kitten tail for scale
In creature news - Honey and Mo are getting to know each other and so far, so good :)!

Such a good dog!
Mo wants to do everything Mini does (good thing we have two cat teaser toys!)
I really enjoy watching them together :).

We also had the first bouquet of the season! The very blue cineraria flowers are a new addition this year and seem to be doing well - thumbs up!

Landscape shot of the week!