Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Phase 1 - do/make the work, conclusion

I did it!(!) I made 10 pieces (and prepared most of the the surfaces, and documented) in 3 weeks (and they aren't all tiny or uncomplicated either - not that there was any doubt there, right ;)).

The overall theme for this body of work is mechanical vs artistic repetition.  I used techniques that suggest reproducibility (stencils, stamps, projection, mass-produced materials, and repetitious mark-making), but in a way such that they become highly individualized.   

01 Tatiana Klacsmann, the keyhole, ink, color pencil on panel, 22 x 16 ,” July 2012
02 Tatiana Klacsmann, the project, acrylic, ink, charcoal on fabric, 22 x 40 ,” July 2012
03 Tatiana Klacsmannthe frameink, color pencil on panel, 22 x 16 ,” July 2012

04 Tatiana Klacsmann, the flight (Miniature #49), ink, color pencil on panel,  4 x 4 ,” July 2012

05 Tatiana Klacsmann, the balloon, ink, charcoal, and color pencil on panel, 9  x 11 ,” July 2012
06 Tatiana Klacsmann, the garden, acrylic, ink, color pencil on canvas, 18 x 36 ,” July 2012

07 Tatiana Klacsmann, the edges, ink and charcoal on panel, 4.5 x 4.5 ,” July 2012
08 Tatiana Klacsmann, the Exit (Miniature #50), acrylic, ink, color pencil on found object,  5.75 x 4.25,” July 2012

09 Tatiana Klacsmann, the game, ink  on panel 

(front and back), 1.75 1.25,” July 2012

10  Tatiana Klacsmann, the repeat (detail) ink and charcoal on panel, 24 x 48,” July 2012
Me, at CAC last week
Me, at my first residency, age18
I thought this was pretty funny - at least I'm consistent.  Some continuous interests:  self-portraits with framing, birds, found surfaces and refuse are all things that appear consistently in both (as well                         as my fashion-sense apparently - it's not the same shirt, but it could have been if I'd taken the photo on a different day). Speaking of the power of fashion, I took a page out of Michael Kors' playbook and wore the same thing everyday (white t-shirt from a multi-pack, cargo shorts, and longwear lipstick or gloss), so I didn't have to think about it.  It was a small change, but I think it did help me get focused on work from the moment I got up.  I may stick with this one in the future.

A big part of my strategy for this phase was to cultivate presentness and focus through sensory activation.  A breakdown of what worked and what didn't:
Taste - the only one that really seemed to wake up my brain and not make me hungry was ginger altoids (I'd never had these before - yum) 
Smell - the peppermint essential oil spray worked surprisingly well. When I got tired or a little stuck, I'd walk over and spray some, and it was like pressing a reset button for the brain.  
Touch - I like my weird grass/synthetic fur hybrid pillow, and it's preferable to sitting on the floor, but I missed having my feline assistant sitting next to me.
Sound - this was probably the most important component.  I usually listen to NPR/BBC while I work.  I've been thinking about why I do this, and I think it's my way of balancing focus inward vs outward.  With this project, I listened to instrumental music.  I did the research looking outward first and then focused my attention more completely inward, and the result was that each part received more of my more attention, but at different times.  I'm not sure whether this was "better," or just different (still thinking...). 
20th century industrial stuff

Other artness going on:
19th century industrial stuff

19th century me
- I did some research

- I got to go see oil paint being made at RGH paints (completely awesome, and they have "paint scholarships"! Check in out: )
- I recorded some of my interaction with CAC's unusual site with help (thank you Natalie!)
The 3 weeks spent at the Contemporary Artist Center were incredibly productive for me (thumbs up for that!)  Though the space/time of the residency is not reflective of my normal life, it did allow me to peek through the window onto what life could be like if I could find a way to devote more of my space and time to art-making. 

*Unforeseen happy outcome - pieces 1, 3 and 6 were included in the Hudson Independent Artist Trail at Henry Hudson Studios as part of the New Art Dealers Alliance art fair in Hudson, NY, July 28-29.  This leads me to Phase 2:

Phase 2 - be prepared for something good to happen
(...stay tuned for more on that soon)