Monday, August 27, 2012

Phase 2b - take time for meaningful rest and reflection

with artwork by Michael McKay 
Mala Meal 2012 (
Hegel is not funny, or, at least, I don't see it, but one thing I do find funny about reading Hegel is the way he makes so many subpoints, that he ends up needing to use both the Latin and Greek alphabets to label them.  If he had been a friend of mine, I might have said (nicely): "when you start needing multiple alphabets because your subheadings have subheadings, it's might be time to simplify, or at least consider using a new heading." So, I hate to make a "subphase," but I'm going to do it anyway, because I'm not ready to move on to Phase 3 and want to shift gears with Phase 2.

I'm not very good at resting.  I'm always so focused on planning and making new work, that slowing down to rest and reflect can feel like looking back at the expense of moving forward. I had so much fun this week - assisting with a performance piece (the Mala Meal Project); meeting people; seeing new places. While I miss my feline assistant and studio, I made these two mini prints to test out a new process and some new materials.
shiny new mini prints 

the mobile studio-in-a-box
a specimen from my new locale
After seeing first-hand the logistics involved in the Mala Meal Project (wow), I feel like I have so much to learn (and about cooking, too). So, in terms of being prepared, I'm adopting a new strategy. I'll start with the database because it's something I feel comfortable with; then, I'll expand gradually from there. That will allow me to break the record keeping down into smaller pieces and do a little each month instead of trying to do it all in one phase then moving on. By breaking it down, I hope to teach myself the habit of documentation, just like I learned the habit of mini-making. For now though - I think I need some sleep. :P
using the new camera for its intended purpose and working on that image database
(still working on the pithy title for this one), 24 x 48," paint and mixed media on panel, 2012