Friday, August 10, 2012

Phase 2 - be prepared for good things, update

I've made some progress this week in terms of being prepared for good art things to happen:

1) I got business cards - real ones (at last!)
2) I hunted down a coupon and got a work (the cathedral) framed for the Southeastern College Art Conference juried exhibition (at the Durham Arts Council, 120 Morris Street Durham, NC, Sept. 21 - Oct. 20 - yay!)
3) I set up a form to feed to a spreadsheet for my artwork database (if it works - double yay!)
4) I submitted a grant application (learning a new piece of software along the way - o my)

I'm also mid-packing for my next move (oy - heavy lifting, not my favorite thing). Part of my time management strategy for Phase 2, is that I am temporarily without a studio and supplies, so I thought it would be a good time to work on the database while it doesn't take time away from art-making (keeping it in line with principle #1).  I thought the lack of supplies would force me to focus on logistics and packing rather than drawing and painting. It didn't quite work out that way - I made these 4 small drawings this week. While I was at the framer, I saw a set of 48 acid-free pens for $5 (coupon!).  They're archival and the set contains both neon and (the clincher) glitter colors. I can only resist so much temptation. I made it a mini-mission to use every single color (mission accomplished :)).  I also worked through about half of a (small) book of violin music.  On the one hand, this took time away from my packing, but on the other hand, maybe part of the being prepared is being calm and focused (and seeing pens spread out all over the floor helps me identify my home, boxes or no).  Plus, isn't this entry more interesting when it comes with tiny, neon, glittery illustrations?

Up next on the docket for the continuation of Phase 2 - entering the data into the form to build the database
self- portrait as the patron saint of glitter