Sunday, March 10, 2013

Phase 6 -start with what you know and build from there (or practice, practice, practice), update 5

Figure drawing is back!
drawing tiny for 10 minutes

8 x 10 for 20 minutes

8 x 10 (on a  different shade of gray paper) 25 minutes

8 x 10 (on another gray paper) 20 minutes
Lots of time on paperwork this week (oy!), but I squeezed in the first figure drawing session of the spring (figure drawing - very in keeping with the theme of 'practice'). Also, I got back to work on a home for one of the dolls from a few months ago. I made the tiny working mobile of two-sided minis - patterns with a heart, a bird in a cage, a house, and a butterfly. Also, I made the house (with an oyster card as the roof), and framed the photo (used with mini #6. - on a side note, I updated parts of my artist site with some custom code (!) - and it seem to be working - thumbs up :)). The 'poster' is an add from my stash of 1946 newspaper. Last, but not least, I've been planning and organizing supplies to head to VCCA (and drinking triple echinacea tea and gathering energy to try something new ;).)

Decor-like home for the doll, complete with mini-mobile

Minis within a (semi-)mini