Sunday, March 17, 2013

Work in Progress...

I made this this week! (While it may be unbecoming to say so, I really like it.) It’s part of my pre-VCCA planning (along with squeezing in some extra work and getting school projects in good order – eep!) The wings are from last week's block print and the figures are similar to the ones in “The Cathedral,” (which was in a juried show for the Southeastern College Art Conference last year). The egg came from Mary Anne. Since I spend most of my waking hours thinking about art, I’m really lucky to have jobs caring for and documenting artwork. I think of it like being an art nanny. I’m not the ‘parent,’ like the artist or owner who lives with it all the time and is responsible for it, but I come in to help take care of the art and make sure it has everything it needs, and also, love them. So, earlier this week, when I learned that this piece was broken, I was sad. It wouldn’t have been appropriate to cry, of course, but after watching the artwork it was a part of be born and grow, I also couldn’t bear to let it go in the trash either. So, I asked to take it home and repurpose it (see pictures of some of its sibling pieces here). The box is growing out of the doll and mini salon projects.

 Boxes have been on my mind for a while – this is the last piece I made this summer before moving. It contains things I picked up on my walks and/or saved. About the same time, I had a studio visit from artist Michael Oatman. He was incredibly helpful - his advice was specific and concrete, and one thing he asked was why I liked the things on the “things I like” list (which includes “boxes/containers,” as well as things like "shiny," "neon," and "body parts/organs." The list lives on my studio wall.) I didn’t really have a good answer at the time, but have been trying to figure out since then why I like to compartmentalize things. Even when I was little (and, um, still) I had little collections of things. I think it has to do with containing things so I can see them as discrete areas of detail and filter out “extraneous” stuff around them.

Along the same line, I also worked on this for the upcoming fall solo show at New River Community College(!) Even though, in theory, I’ve finished the work, in reality, I’ll probably keep refining until the show, adding things and working out the display. I like this as a way of displaying the minis - it reminds me of a 3D version of the panel piece from two weeks ago. Another practical reason to love boxes, containers (and rooms) is that they keep stuff from going everywhere. I was reminded this week that part of the reason I have a strict rule for myself about working in the studio and not all over the house is that I have a tendency to cannablize things for art (a terrible habit). The problem with seeing everything as a potential art object is seeing everything as a potential art object. (The “box” is actually a cutlery drawer, or was, up until about 5 minutes before I spray painted it). I was inspired when I found an awesome printer’s drawer at the salvage place I like. I took it down and as carrying it toward the register when I bent down to tie my shoes. When I stood up, it was gone. I was confused until I walked up to the register and saw someone hurriedly check out with it (sigh). I’m not hardcore enough to be mad, (my cutlery, on the other hand, is probably a bit let down). I also went to figure drawing.

25 minutes
5 minutes

Speaking of salvage and supplies, my favorite dollar store is closing (yes, I have a “favorite” where I like to get non-chemical cleaning supplies and supporting art materials (sandpaper, drop clothes, foam brushes, etc.)) Everything was discounted, and this is one of my favorite home fixes so far because it was very easy and very inexpensive – 6 light bulbs for less than half a cup of coffee! (Though they may not last, they appear to be the same bulbs as at the hardware store. I bought one spare just in case.) Other little home projects - I put up a special owl hook for my keys near the door. This was two fancy coffees, but I like it so much that I think it’s worth it. The brass screws came from the basement and it shows my nice orange house key and lovely yellow tape measure.



It wouldn’t be a full week if I didn’t make cookies – these turned out extra, especially well (thank you to my dear sister, the awesome baker, for the recipe and tips J). Even though I’ve been baking less often, I’ve started making full batches when I do, because it seems like there are so many people in my life I want to share cookies with (some of these were enjoyed with friends at home, but the others went to Atlanta and Afghanistan.) Sprinkling the globe with cookies - sounds like a good idea to me J.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Yes, that is an owl shaped plate  J
Sunny says: "o, it has feathers in it, it must for me -
thanks Mom, I'll guard my new toy diligently
(until something that moves comes along, that is)"