Sunday, March 31, 2013

VCCA update


(c) Tatiana Klacsmann
The Cathedral
I made the figure that's going to go inside the Big landscape (It's life-sized, and was made over the course of two days - no one could be more surprised about this than I am! For comparison, Obscura, from last year took about 5 months to complete. I worked on The Cathedral for almost 2 years.)

I'm surprised, but very happy - taking photos to make the adjustments worked really well (haha - my art experiment actually worked - what!?!) I'm so excited that I want to keep going and try to finish Big before my time at the VCCA is up in a few days. I've been working on this part over a white foam core background (so I can see the edges and proportions more clearly), but I'd love to incorporate it into the landscape of Big as well as continuing to work on other elements before I head home. But, as much as I'd like to work on it round the clock during the next few days, I've been giving some thought to a wise friend's comments about trying to be mindful of energy expenditure for the long term, and I'm taking a break. Last night I rested and cleaned the studio, and today I had a happy visit with wonderful friends. Or to say it in pictures:
(smiley face, two thumbs up, gold star!)