Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday baking has begun :)

o my

"Those who love are insane" - Terence
(except more beautifully said with just a tiny difference in spelling separating the two
and looking like a mirror image or repetition with difference - I heart Latin ;))

about life sized +10% 
I can try things out before making a decision 
One of the great things about collage... 

in Greek the word for butterfly ("psyche")
is the same as the word for soul
It's an actual internal cabinet (yay me! -
putting those bookmaking skills to good(?) use;)

more ghost animals starting life as cheap stencils
and working general to specific
more flowers - I'm tempted to make the mankin
a full figure with a ground line and flowers...
It has begun
Holiday baking!
I love my Christmas tree :)
paying homage by way of cookies