Friday, December 27, 2013

phase 2 redux - observe the law of equivalent exchange

Hans Memling, Allegory of Chastity, 1475
- Is this not very funny?
It's been a busy week :)

Research on allegorical figures continues:

In terms of equivalent exchange, I got to thinking about the owl and parrot series from the last two weeks. To make them, I let go of the idea of editioning, creating a standardized group, and instead focused on getting images of the birds. Since I'm aiming for "between-ness" in the tension between general and specific, I accentuated their individuality by cutting them out and putting them each in a similar, but unique collage. Hmmmm.

So I started asking myself:
Are there other aspects of arting that I could let go of in exchange for something that might work better?


Giotto, Spes (Hope),
Scrovegni Chapel,
ca. 1305, Padua
1) I made my very own "blue screen" by painting one wall of my studio bright, cobalt blue (inspired by the Scrovegni Chapel and building from this small piece,  Neo-Gothic (Iris) that I made in June and showed at the National Association of Women Artist in July). My plan is to wall mount the large-scale collages without making individual backgrounds for each one. Also, it's great for photographing.

2) I've been frustrated by the glue in recent pieces. I finally accepted that there's nothing wrong with the glue, it's more that I'm just not good at using it. So for this crown of flowers,  I tried using gold silk thread to attach the parts. It's sturdier and more dimensional than if I'd used glue. Most of the thread is hidden by leaves and petals, but where it does show, it adds a shiny accent of embroidery (thumbs up).

3) For a while now, I've been thinking about making larger scale figures that are not as based in self-portraiture. I finally decided to give it a try.
the start of an allegory of "Hope"
Flowers in her hair and possibility in her hands, the world as wings and a dress of stars; blindfolded, she doesn't see the present, only imagines the future - Beautiful. Absolutely.
my last maps of Georgia and Los Angeles
being put to good use ;)

I don't want to jinx it (miles to go...), but my hope(!) is that I'm making something real and too beautiful to be consumed by Irony without a little hiccup ;).

And that concludes entries for 2013! Thank you for reading a happy, safe, art-filled New Year to all!