Monday, December 16, 2013

phase 2 redux - observe the law of equivalent exchange

Owlful Loveliness

I don't know what I had thought I would be doing this week, but I didn't realize it would involve this many owls.

It all started with last week's turtle cookies. I really really wanted to make the turtle cookies. At first, I thought it was just a diversion or a "creative outlet" while I'm doing some research in the studio, and I sort of ignored it for a few days. But the thought kept coming back, so I gave in and made a special trip to the store for ingredients and made the turtles...and still...there's just something about the turtle cookies (beyond the "cute and yum" factor). Then I thought back to the diagram: Love (Action) Devotion, and it occurred to me - devotion is a repetition with variations...and so are the turtle cookies. If what I'm trying to show is devotion and the overlaying of general and specific - maybe instead of making lots of different animals, I should make the same one over and over again and show how each one is unique...

And then there were owls!
Descending into the white abyss
This didn't seem too bad, until I realized -
there are supposed to be 4 steps, not 3
Feline Assistant, Jr. - helping put it all in scale


This week's Owl Adventure:
1) carve linoleum block (oy! fortunately, no blood was shed - thumbs up! I must be improving :))
2) print it (gave up on keeping the paper straight or inking the plate evenly, and decided to focus on just trying really hard to get the owl part right)
3) cut them out (I got a little carried away here, but the ear feathers are just so much fun)
4) draw in the eyes with gold (using 3 different golds to create visual depth)
5) cut out the backing paper (I love, love this blue marbled paper)
6) design the branches, create stencils, cut out
7) stamp the leaves, cut out
8) assemble (trying to overlapping correctly and glue neatly)
9) repeat, repeat, repeat
10) photograph
11) Play!

repetition with variation
adding eyelids for the photo

These are begging me to be turned into a stop motion animation. (*caveat - I have not idea how to make a stop motion animation.) Hmmmm - research, research, research

In other art adventures: I made an orange pony
"a horse of a different color " 
and miles to go...
I'm picturing each horse a different color (repetition with variation)
(or Muybridge meets My Little Pony, with a nod to Da Vinci)
Onward! (I see wings everywhere)