Monday, March 10, 2014

bunnies and fish

“As I see it, life is an effort to grip before they slip through one's fingers and slide into oblivion, the startling, the ghastly or the blindingly exquisite fish of the imagination before they whip away on the endless current and are lost for ever in oblivion's black ocean.” 
                                                                                                         ― Mervyn Peake

still testing out different backgrounds...

drawing on and adding metallic ink to
 the eye and cutting out 7 bunnies
took a few days
Then I printed more goldfish on paper
I had toned neon orange.

 I drew on them to individualize each one and added metallic ink to the eyes
The fish isn't glued down but suspended on a string so that it swings back and forth,
 like it's swimming. It's a mobile in a shallow space and the brads not only attach the
  gray and blue marbled paper, but also prevent the  mobile from being flatted