Monday, March 17, 2014

crown and faces

This week's faces are based on photographs that I manipulated on the computer. I "pulled" the face at an angle (like a digital version of an El Greco ;)); then drew them with pen, pencil and gold ink on translucent cardstock working on both sides of the paper to give the images depth. Then I burned the edges (It was fun! I did it in several small steps and had a fire extinguisher ready, but thankfully didn't need it). The center face is spray paint and ink stippling.
From Harley 4338, 
Book 2 of Boethius, 
Consolation of Philosophy,
attributed to Jean Colombe,

It sort of reminds me of the character with eyes on its hands in the uneatable banquet scene from Pan's Labyrinth,(a movie I only saw once, but made a big impression.)

The other thing it reminds me of a little of is an illustration from an illuminated manuscript. I've been thinking about allegorical figures and recently came across this illustration from a 15th century French version of Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy  in the British Library:

I also started carving a new block which will become part of the same piece.
the latest block, in process, app. 15 x 15" 

Photographic Fairytale of the week:
These are from
and I can attest that they
were as delicious as they are adorable

Once upon a time (March 10 - 17, 2014), there was a little human who lived in a little house by a little lake in the frozen North. Everyday the human woke up thinking "what can I make today?" and so it made things. Sometimes the things were beautiful, and sometimes, they were not.

Always two fearless and fluffy feline assistants were there to help (unless they were distracted by a particularly sunny napping spot or squirrel-watching elsewhere).

The human loves to make things with the feline assistance in the little house. But the human is cold. It's heart is starting to freeze.

It goes on a journey to the Great Pine Forest of the South. On the way it sees beautiful things.

By Charles Chester French -
 in the Albany Airport
 It flies and things look different from the sky.

. Everywhere it goes it is watched.  Finally, it reaches its destination...

a photographic interpretation of
DiChirico + Panopticon 

There are family and friends, and the human is happy