Monday, May 19, 2014

Books, Prints, Cathedral and more

A very busy week:

my finished book :)
  final session of Pop-up case book class at
   the Art School of Columbia County !
Class Picture -  Pop-up Case Books, Spring 2014
class  - me,  Tom McGill, Mary Young and Beth Thielen (instructor)
my second book

Used the new book-making techniques to assemble the bunny collages

I made a visit to St. John the Divine in New York
Xu Bing's giant phoenix sculptures
I missed seeing these at Mass MOCA, so I when I heard they were being reinstalled
in the cathedral,  I thought - field trip!
 Added bonuses!
Keith Harng altar piece surrounded by
grisaille stained glass (!)
Winged figure with giraffes  (!?!) - that's a new one for me

getting ready for round 2 of medallic engraving in June

The Philosophia needs a top - 3 possibilities

I kept working on this - especially on the interaction of the fingers, book, sleeve and leg.

Attended a print workshop at Zea Mays on pronto plate printmaking with Nancy Diessner.
practicing for the upcoming vanitas still lifes

This workshop was a fortuitous last minute addition. I was really happy with the photopolymer class I took with Nancy two weeks ago. Photopolymer is a good solution to some of the issues I was working out, but, after learning more, I realized that there were actually several distinct issues and that I really wanted to learn pronto plate printmaking too, a non-toxic lithography on polyester plate. A spot opened up at the last minute and voila!
I redrew a favorite from etching

One can never have too many parrots

Para -art news:

Openings in New York City and Hudson:
Me, once again dressing not unlike my work
(red pattern shirt, big collar, hat)

"Truppe Fledermaus and The Carnival at the End of the World" by Kahn and Selesnick at Yancey Richardson, NYC
Celebratory visit to the plant store
I looooove seeing all the pretty colors...

...but all I want to keep are shades of black
(not unlike my wardrobe actually)

Feline Assistant Jr. helping in the studio
(practicing to be a mime :P )

Feline Assistant #1 helping with laundry