Monday, May 5, 2014

phase 3 redux - develop thoughtful algorithms

I painted the wall red and bound all the little angels and demons together. Thinking of preparing the wall as an algorithm and having learned from painting Spes's blue wall, this time I got matte paint, patched all the holes, and primed, before painting (funny how that leads to a better result ;)).

In a further attempt to build it the smart way instead of the not as smart way, I made the red rectangle the size of a standard hollow core door (36 x 84"), so that if I ever need to install this somewhere and can't paint the wall, I can mount it to a painted door instead (and since hollow-core doors are readily available, I wouldn't need to ship them, I can prepare them on site).

I used some of the new book-making techniques I've been learning to affix the side prints to one another. In my quest to eliminate the need for glue, I used brads. They accordion down into a 10 x 7.5 inch book (very portable - two thumbs up). Also, because only the top one it attached to the wall, I don't have to worry too much about hanging them straight, since gravity does most of the work.

The hardest part may have been holding myself back from adding more patterning in the small collages. On an individual basis, they could have taken more patterning inside the scrollwork patterns (and one of the joys of collage, I tested it, then changed my mind.) I had to keep reminding myself that the end goal was how they would look together as part of a larger piece where they're already pattern within pattern within pattern, and that more would not be as pleasing a visual relief (sigh).

Still working on the central figure and planning out a canopy to go over the central portion (so the whole thing is in a house that is a bigger version of the one in the side collages.) Only problem there - I've reached the ceiling (mad scientist laughter - whahahaha).