Monday, May 12, 2014

phase 3 redux - develop thoughtful algorithms

Continued working on the Sophia
- now she has a neck, but no left foot.

the outline of the dress is chalk directly on the wall, and the black bands are
ribbon and tape. I especially like the cameo which is a tiny print, cut out and
suspended on gold embroidery thread.

I also made this this week for an upcoming show
It's a 12 x 12 collage of "Il Matta" (the fool),
which is actually my card in the tarot deck, as opposed La Papessa,
the card that relates most closely to the installation piece, Sophia at the top

It's a sculpture in low relief, the button and one of the bells are real so 
that if people walk by too quickly or too close, it jingles 
(which I find hysterical). 

The buildings are from these blocks that I carved for Mini #47 in 2012.
It's sort of funny because these pre-date my discovery of the Nuremberg Chronicles.
that I've literally had under my pillow for the last 3 weeks (love, love, love).
On the one hand, I probably like the book because it reminds me of  artwork;
on the other hand, seeing the book motivates new artwork,
so it both reminds and inspires at the same time (weird).