Monday, May 30, 2016

flowers, flowers, everywhere

The unicorn is up on the wall...let the art-playtime begin ;) 

I was thinking of this as being knighted by the unicorn, but a friend pointed out that it could also be read as being stabbed, hence the ketchup-blood shot, haha. 

Now that the unicorn is up, trying to build it an environment...

I'm picturing flowers, lots and lots of flowers - marbled the paper and printed dozens of flower options:

These are polyester plates printed with a mix of the new-to-me gold Hanco lithography ink - love!  They printed really well - sharp and dark enough to be clear, but still with enough metallic that they shimmer and change as one moves and looks at them from different angles and in different lights. 

Next I printed the stems and leaves and patterned ground - I used the same pattern that I drew and tested in March, but changed the ink to a mix of white and the new gold so that it has a subtle shimmer.

I was really inspired by both tapestries - for the idea of millefleur and metallic thread, and also by stained glass, especially grisaille glass, for the way it's put together as fragments making up a whole, but I'm trying to use a palette that relies on contemporary dyes and pigments. . 

Next, I cut out the flowers and sewed them on with a silver metallic thread.

Zooming in on the result:

 I think it's really starting to come together in a beautiful way - still thinking about how the pieces are going to relate to one another [Hmmmmmmmm].

Luckily I had lots of inspiration on hand. I know I said I was only going to post my favorite one or two flowers each week, but I really can't restrain myself...

"Starry Night" petunias - love, love

So much variation within a single plant!

I didn't feel like the photo I posted last week did justice to the color
of these osteospermums - so I tried again to capture the
French ultramarine-ness and think this (un-color corrected!) photo
does a better job - thumbs up! 

And last, but not least - creature update! It's been very hot, and my clever Little Bear has decided that in front of the open fridge door is the ultimate napping spot (and she quickly learned that the human throwing a toy in the opposite direction is just a diversion to be able to shut the door.) Clever pup :).