Monday, May 23, 2016

still unicorning...

A busy week in Artlandia! The unicorn is starting to come together (literally - I glued and ironed the pieces together this week, then used drawing to hide the seams.) I'm encouraged to see how well the parts are coming together to make a unified whole.

 Though (as we can see :P ) there is still one last seam left - behind the rib cage between the front and back half.  This last one remains because I haven't decided quite how I want to handle it - on the one hand, if I use some kind of temporary attachment process, it will be easier to break down and transport; on the other hand, a permanent seam will show less because I can iron it down so that there is physically less of a difference between the pieces. [Hmmmmm].

I also tried this lovely harness. Partly, I wanted to try my new gorgeous(!) gold ink, and partly, I'm trying to picture the unicorn in the same space with my other pieces, and think it needs an element of color and pattern internally to mesh with the other work.  I think the idea of internal color/patterning is right and I like the gold, but not sure that this is the final version of the collar yet [Hmmmmmm.]

Work continues on the 4 ft tree, and I don't want to jinx myself, but it does seem to be coming along nicely (fingers crossed!) Right now, I'm focusing on getting it done, then printing it, but I can't help starting to think beyond that - I'm very excited because I think this has the potential to be not just one tree, but many different trees - if I print and scan it in parts, I'll have lots of options for flipping, distorting, and rearranging the pieces, and even though it seems big (for a block), from the beginning, I've imagined enlarging it following a similar process as I used with parts of the unicorn and figure (steeples fingers - yes, that's right, I admit it, I'm dreaming of a life-scale forest filled with creatures - wouldn't that be awesome?!?) Where I'm going to put this forest when I don't currently have a wall for the unicorn is questionable (it's on a piece of gray fabric on the floor right now), but baby steps... first finishing the block...
It wouldn't be a complete post without a puppy update :) -
For comparison, this is Honey's original photo, and here she is today in almost the same pose. I can't believe how much she's grown in just 6 weeks!  She's starting to have her grown up gait when we walk, and I'm so proud of the elegant, powerful dog she's becoming.
Baby Honey at 8 weeks old
Honey today at 14 weeks

So that I don't post every single flower in my yard every week (haha - it's so hard to resist!), I decided to try to pick the best one or two each week. This week, it was the purple columbine (that I planted last year while I was working on Columbine in the Commedia Dell'Arte - hard to believe it's been a year!) and the blue osteospermums (- they look sort of purple in the photo, but, I swear, they're French ultramarine in real life - pitter patter).